My obsession with Lego.

One of my toy cities...This is one of my toy cities, and aside from writing one of my obsessions is building cities like this. Lego road plates and blocks are my template, and my imagination, experience and improvisation do the rest.


I’ve been doing this since I was a small child, and me and my brother, Clifford, would build cities like this together. Sadly my brother has lost interest in toys, but I haven’t. I’m 20 and I am unashamedly a fan of Lego and building with it. My obsession with building these cities stems from strategy games like Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri (all hail the mighty Sid Meier!) and Simcity 4. This may sound strange but I’ve always tried to make my cities more realistic and even though that it is not really possible, the more closer I mimic a realistic appearance the bigger the buzz I get from building. Any here are several pictures showing some more detailed pictures of this toy city:

All of these pictures were taking in my bedroom, and please note the K’nex guns in the background (that is for a different post). I’ve built hundreds of these cities and there are usually two ways I build them. One is with those Lego road plates. This gives a nice symmetrical appearance (and I am obsessed with things being symmetrical), but the other way is without the road plates. I place everything on the floor and this gives a more organic feel to it…

These maybe toys but it is one way to express creativity and I really feel if you’re not doing something creative in sports, arts or toy cities (regardless of ones ability) something will feel missing inside yourself.

To see more pictures of this city go to Facebook, put in Miles Saunders-Priem , and go to pictures and then ‘toy city’.

Thanks for reading!!!